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Knives & Tools

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eCop’s knives and tools section features a large variety of knives for uses like hunting, fishing, self-defense and survival, law enforcement, as well as kitchen and everyday use. You’ll find switchblades, fixed blades, machetes, butterfly knives, as well as throwing knives and daggers. Just be sure if you’re looking to purchase a switchblade (automatic knife), there are federal regulations that restrict shipment, so we ask do you to provide proper ID and a fill out short form. We also sell a wide array of accessories, cleaning supplies, replacement parts, sharpeners, sheaths, tools and miscellaneous items like magnifying glasses, magnets, key rings and packing accessories.


The best part is that no matter your need for knives and accessories, you’ll receive free shipping within the U.S. and one-day business handling. You can also manage your orders in an online account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


If you planning on having one of our knives shipped internationally please read and and comply with all of your local laws. eCop! cannot be held responsible for items that are seized by customs.