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eCop Police Supply at Home of the best Knives, Ammo and Gun Replacement Parts.

Police officers are trained on a specific departmental knife or ammunition or police baton or flashlight. But one you are on the force police officers can exercise a certain amount of personal preference related to their police supplies. Here at eCop police supply we know that specific jobs require a specific types of equipment. Tactical knives, gun holsters and ammo are no exception. Sure police supplies or tactical equipment is about top performance when it matters most but it also about comfort and personal style.

The short list of the most practical police supplies for new police officers:

Firearm parts and holsters are about hands free comfort. As a police officer you shouldn’t have to constantly tug or adjust your holster and uniform. A good holster doesn't feel heavy or grab and bunch your uniform.

Police tactical supplies are more about reliability than comfort but lets face it - if your tactical gear is comfortable you are more likely to use it more often. A good tactical vest or tactical gloves are indispensable for every police officer.

Lights and Flashlights. A good mag style flashlight is the “never leave home without it” tool of every police officer. You are constantly rushing into emergency situations and a good flashlight, emergency lantern or headlamp is a must.

Police Batons. A police baton is great option. a side handle batons may be extremely popular and versatile. But there is more than one type of police baton. Many batons vary in weight, size and balance. Some are more concealed while others also have a defensive element.

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