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  • Knives

  • AR-15 Parts

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  • Holsters

  • Batons

  • Bags & Packs

  • Handcuffs

  • Flashlights

Every hunter has a stand by favorite rifle and ammunition. But when it comes to hunting there really isn’t a multi-purpose knife, gun or really anything else when it comes to hunting. Sure every time your husband purchases a knife he says, “This knife does it all, it’s the only knife I will ever need”. But specific jobs require a specific types of equipment and gear. So this Christmas get your favorite hunter that cool new pocket knife or hunting knife they have been talking about. Ask if their rifle, gun or ammo needs an upgrade. I promise you the answer will be “yes”. If you’re not sure what to get - call us – we are experts on hunting equipment. We carry the largest and highest quality selection of knives on the internet. If you are just not sure about purchasing a knife, gun replacement part or ammunition, don’t worry a high quality flashlight, binoculars or cooler is always appreciated. eCopUSA is owned and operated by a vet, retired police officer and outdoor enthusiast. If you want the best gift for the hunter in your life – we have it here.