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Police Officer Equipment: “Knives, ammo and gun replacement parts are only the beginning.”

Safe, comfortable and looking good. As a starting police officer you have your departmental issue ammunition, police baton, and gun. But once you are on the force as an officer you can exercise your personal preference for your police supplies. For 10 years we have been helping police officers buy the best tactical equipment on eBay, becoming the leading supplier for tactical knives, fishing knives, and police equipment. We are now pleased to offer you a more comprehensive selection on our full retail site, eCopUSA.com. Decisions about tactical police supplies and equipment are often made based on effectiveness. Tactical knives, gun holsters, and police batons are no exception to this. The most important thing about police tactical equipment is that top performance is there when it matters most. However, you are more likely to wear your tactical police equipment if it is comfortable, because let’s face it there is no harm in being comfortable and looking good too.

The Top 10 most important police supplies where comfort really matters.

1. Police Firearm Holsters. A good Holster is about hands free comfort. As a police officer you shouldn’t have to constantly tug or adjust your holster and uniform. A good police firearm holster is lightweight and doesn't feel heavy or grab and bunch your uniform. Try different types of holsters until it feels like an extension of yourself.

2. Ankle Holsters. Sometime discretion truly is the better part of valor. An ankle holster gives you that freedom. When we talk about ankle holsters we are normally discussing “gun ankle holsters” but there are many types of ankle holsters for knives, pepper spray and other tactical weapons.

3. Socks. Might seem boring. But your will be on your feet most of the day. Good socks can be the difference between happy and unhappy. Look for smart wool socks that are light weight, wick and breath.

4. Tactical Police Gloves: If you walk a beat you may wear out the soles of your shoes but there is no reason to wear out your hands opening door or crawling in tight spaces. Get a good pair of tactical glove! Tactical gloves will help protect your hands and increase grip.

5. Spare Gun parts. Don’t wait until you need the part to order it. If you have a preferred gun that you like to carry – keep it in top working condition.

6. Police tactical Supplies. Tactical supplies might be more about reliability than comfort however if your tactical gear such as your tactical vest is comfortable and lightweight you are more likely to use it. A good tactical vest is indispensable for every police officer.

7. Lights and Flashlights. A good mag style flashlight is the “never leave home without it” tool of every police officer. You are constantly rushing into emergency situations and a good flashlight, emergency lantern or headlamp is a must.

8. Police Batons. A police baton is great option. A side handle batons may be extremely popular and versatile. But there is more than one type of police baton. Many batons vary in weight, size and balance. Some are more concealed while others also have a defensive element.

9. Eyewear. The sun can be punishing on your eyesight. Invest in a top of the line pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses. Good eyesight is the ticket to a long term police career and after 20 years on the force your eyes will thank you for wearing sunglasses.

10. Knife or better yet Knives: Of course you will most likely only carry one at a time but different types of duty may require different types of knives. A classic pocket knife maybe all you need most days but a utilitarian tactical knife will come in handy. It will also double as a fishing knife when you have a day off. Make taking a day off number 11 on this list. Downtime is just as important to your safety as police tactical gear.

For the last 10 years you have supported us while we started our mom and pop shop on eBay. We have become the leader on ebay for tactical knives, fishing knives and police equipment. Now we are pleased to offer you an even larger selection than our eBay store here online at ecopusa.

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